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Yearly Archives: 2022

The Anatomy of a Data Breach: What are They and What to do When You Spot One?

Arguably no phrase has dominated the tech world over the last 24 months more than the term “data breach.” From breaches that have impacted critical infrastructure like the Colonial Pipeline to hackers compromising healthcare records at UC San Diego Health, the last two years have been saturated by headlines of cybersecurity mishaps. Yet, despite the…
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Concerned About Cyber? 4 Easy Steps for Staying Secure in 2022

Cybersecurity has become one of the biggest hot topics both inside and outside of technology circles over the last two years. From securing learning devices due to a rise in digital learning during the COVID-19 pandemic to coping with the fallout of high-profile breaches of national infrastructure such as the Colonial Pipeline; there is a…
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This Is Not the Time to Cut Your IT Spending

Every CEO’s initial reaction to the word inflation is to cut – people, budgets, and corners. Oftentimes, the IT budget is one of the first “cuts” under consideration. Cybercriminals are working overtime to find any potential oversights in businesses that are still adjusting to the new normal (higher prices, global shortages, recovering from a pandemic,…
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The First Step in Every Business Plan: Hiring IT

When small business owners first create their business plan, they often leave out IT. Not because it isn’t important, but because their funds are typically tied up in the product, marketing, hiring, etc. As the days go on and their business grows, IT continuously gets shoved under the rug until one day it’s too late…
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