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Real-Time Analytics With UCaaS

Real-time analytics provide leaders with the information required to make decisions.  Automation allows businesses to streamline processes. Unified Communication Solution or UCaaS provides analytics detailing which customers are calling, the frequency, and who is working with the client with the functionality to automate call flows and get the client in communication with the correct department or staff member. Implementing UCaaS can provide the analytics and automation needed to ensure a quality customer experience.   

We have a client with multiple sales and distribution locations.  During the pandemic, 80% of their sales force and dispatchers began working remotely. The phone system they had onsite was antiquated and the desk phones could only be utilized within the offices. As staff began working remotely they defaulted to using their personal mobile devices. As staff began utilizing their personal devices, it created a huge gap in customer service data analytics.  Which clients are calling in? Are all calls being answered? Are calls being returned? Are customers getting the product they ordered? 

Systemverse provided a Unified Communication platform allowing users to still use their personal devices while working remotely via a communication app. The platform provided the ability to form call groups and call queues utilizing Interactive Voice Response technology and Automatic Call Distribution regardless of onsite or remote.   

Data is the key to unlocking your business potential. Get the required analytics and automation from a UCaaS solution to drive your business objectives. Contact Systemverse today for a free consultation!  

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