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UCaaS Contributes to Employee Collaboration

When it comes to running a business, you need to have a simple platform to collaborate with event organizers and staff. Unified communications would be the perfect solution to host a meeting while also being able to co-author documents in real time with the attendees. This eliminates the need of having to open up a video meeting application on one platform, while also having to have a separate application open for editing documents, and only having one person making changes when everyone participating can collaborate with you

Unified Communications also allows for provisioning a similar setup to VoIP like setting auto-attendants to direct calls to the necessary parties and avoid clutter if one person was fielding calls as well as all the VoIP benefits.  

We have a non-profit organization that came to us because they were needing a simple solution that would allow them to bring the team together to co-author and store documents in one place all while also needing a new phone system to cater to their current IVR needs. With the Systemverse Unified Communications solution, we were able to establish a repository that connects with their email account so that all the users on the tenant could share files with each other and external users. 

Using that same email account, they are now able to log into an application that doubles as an instant messaging platform as well as a VoIP platform to make/receive calls. Using the same application, they are also able to host meetings and present/edit documents all from one application. 

If UCaaS sounds like something your team could use, please call us at 512-600-1127 or shoot us an email at [email protected].

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