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Copy, Paste, & Other Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

Copy, Paste, Cut - Three functions any person using a computer would need for editing data. We’re all familiar with the right click and copy or right click and paste methods but did you know that you can do all three commands with just a few keystrokes?  For a Windows Computer: To Copy: Highlight the…
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The 22 Best Apps of 2022

Dustin Google Maps - Provides information about the location, directions, and alternative routes. Saves me a lot of time while driving! MS Office - When I’m on the go, I need to review emails and documents without opening my PC. The app allows for easy, virtual work! Isaac Yahoo Sports - Best. Sports. App. Ever!…
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Managing Extensions on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

So, what is an extension? An extension is a piece of software that adds new functions to a browser. These features customize how you interact with your browser and can provide valuable built-in tools. Almost all browsers have extension libraries that provide thousands of options so you can find the right ones for you. Keep…
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