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IT Downtime Can Be Detrimental To Small Businesses

Has your business ever experienced IT downtime? Team Rockie defines IT Downtime as “any unplanned event that stops production. These are often caused by poor maintenance, storage, or network issues, using outdated fractures, configuration & security issues, and client incidents.” Downtime at work may not seem like a huge deal but it can be detrimental…
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What Are The Downfalls of BYOD?

BYOD has slowly gained traction over the years (especially for small businesses) as employers saw a way to save money, and their employees loved the convenience of using their own devices. Once COVID hit, the popularity increased exponentially as businesses were forced to work from home. As we transition back (and forth?) it poses the…
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Is BYOD Right For You?

Bring your own device (or BYOD) is a term that has been around since owning your own portable computer/phone was attainable. However, a huge spike in popularity was seen due to COVID-19. Tech Jury found that 67% of people are now using their own devices at work.  There are a ton of pros to BYOD,…
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Benefits of Using VoIP Technology

    Benefits of Using VoIP Technology   More and more businesses are implementing Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP technology because of its versatility, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. With new developments in this technology, the scope of its applications is widening. It is becoming more than just voice communications technology. That is why businesses of…
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