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Work From Anywhere With Systemverse

The traditional office landscape is evolving, with all the buzz of Work from Home and Remote workers. In reality, remote work has been ongoing for decades outside of the mainstream; executives, sales managers, and engineers all travel to client sites and trade shows. While remote work is becoming more popular it comes with its own set of challenges.   

"Work from Anywhere" means workers are no longer in a controlled environment. We may be working from our homes or even public spaces. This increases the risk of security breaches leading to loss of data, financial loss, and damage to the company's reputation. Fortunately, we now have better tools to manage and secure Working from Anywhere.  

The best practice in cybersecurity is a layered approach regardless of in the office or remote. Layer one is controlling how you access data. Traditionally, the use of a VPN was the most common tunnel approach to securely access external data sources, but this doesn’t offer lateral protection from threats to your local machine. A new methodology is emerging, conditional access controls with LAN zero trust. This protects your local machine from lateral attacks while providing a secure means to access external data sources without the lag of traditional VPNs

The next layer of security is by utilization of Multi-Factor Authentication. This requires a secondary form of authentication, typically a token sent by text or an authenticator app. 

The final layer is a comprehensive cybersecurity training platform. Train your staff to recognize the threat before you become a victim.  

As the Work from Anywhere office environment becomes more prevalent, it's important to focus on taking the necessary steps to strengthen your cybersecurity posture. By using a layered approach, we can protect ourselves and our companies from potential security breaches. 

If you would like to know more about implementing a “Work From Anywhere” environment into your business, give us a call at 512-600-1127 or shoot us an email at [email protected].

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