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Copy, Paste, & Other Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

Copy, Paste, Cut - Three functions any person using a computer would need for editing data. We’re all familiar with the right click and copy or right click and paste methods but did you know that you can do all three commands with just a few keystrokes? 

For a Windows Computer:

To Copy: Highlight the text you want to copy and press ctrl+C. This copies the selected text to your clipboard.

To Cut: Cut differs from copy as it removes the selected data. To cut something like a picture or text we’ll simply press ctrl+X.

To Paste: To put the information you just cut/copied into your desired location, simply click the area with our mouse and press Ctrl-V.

To Undo: It helps to be able to remove something you had just done instantly as opposed to having to highlight and right-click Ctrl+Z.

To Redo: Want to redo changes previously undone? Just press Ctrl+Y.

To Find: Can’t find specific keywords in large documents or webpage? Ctrl+F is the Windows key you’d use to search text in most applications.

To Print: Ctrl+P is the shortcut that allows for quick access to the print preview window on almost all Windows applications. 

Click Through Tabs in Browser: Ctrl+Tab to go to the right and Alt+Tab to reverse the direction.

For a Mac Computer:

Mac users will use similar keys, but the Command key will replace the control key that is used for most Windows shortcuts.

To Copy: Command+C

To Cut: Command+X

To Paste: Command+V

To Undo: Command+Z

To Redo: Command+Y

To Find: Command+F

To Print: Command+P

Click Through Tabs in Browser: Commannd+Tab to go to the right and Alt+Tab to reverse the direction.

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