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HIPAA | PCI Compliance | IT Strategy

Systemverse provides subject matter expert consulting services in both HIPAA and PCI Compliance. Our Virtual CIO staff provides strategic advisory services for projects and department management. Our executive leaders provide strategic advisory services with a focus on budgetary savings and secure IT operations.

Service Categories

HIPAA Consulting | Risk Management

HIPAA mandates specific requirements and protocols for the management of patient information privacy. Key areas of risk include medical record management, documents, faxes, and verbal communications.

We begin our projects with a holistic assessment of data and process security. We provide options to migrate operational systems into our HIPAA-compliant cloud and server platforms. This migration can address immediate risk-management needs.

PCI Compliance | Safety and Security

The upcoming shift to the DSS 3.2 standards will deepen the requirements of continuous data security controls. These extend from the maintenance of firewalls through the more complex tasks of tracking all access to data.

Systemverse provides the services and testing solutions to complete the mandated yearly security check. We can migrate transaction processing systems to our DSS-compliant cloud and server platforms to increase overall financial transaction security.

IT Strategies | Platforms and Solutions

Systemverse’s assessment services provide company leaders with the information necessary to make best-fit decisions for infrastructure development, support, and expansion. We also provide planning services for startups and new office locations.

Our packaged application and custom software assessment services provide IT leaders with accurate information to determine the best course for IT system initiatives. We can also develop business process improvement and implementation strategies.

Budgeting | Expenditure Management

Cloud and cloud-hybrid infrastructure options often provide the opportunity to shift IT systems to a more cost-effective environment. Systemverse can deliver cost and budget-impact estimates to ensure a firm’s IT budget delivers maximum value.

Package software and custom application development can bring both tangible and intangible ROI. Systemverse provides the expertise necessary to evaluate IT expenditures from both cost-benefit and organizational-benefit perspectives.

Project Descriptions