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Managed IT Service is all an SMB Needs!

Managed IT role

A managed IT service is an IT service provided by a third party or a firm. In a managed information technology service arrangement, the service provider retains the responsibility for the functionality of IT service and equipment. In return, the customer pays a fee for receipt of the service. A managed IT service comes with a service-level agreement (SLA), which is the contract between the service provider and the customer. Managed IT services are best suited to small to medium businesses and startups.

Why Managed IT Services are best for Small/Medium Businesses

Businesses mainly medium and small-sized, should not try to take on IT themselves for several reasons. The biggest reason is technology keeps advancing with time. Small/Medium businesses and even startups cannot afford to invest in the IT department continuously. They have limited capital and cannot upgrade IT infrastructure fast enough to keep up with changing technology. Outsourcing IT can enable small businesses to get the best out of the latest IT facilities without IT expenses weighing them down.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

Here are some advantages of Managed IT services for Small Businesses.


Leading managed IT service providers provide the latest technology and equipment required for your IT infrastructure to run smoothly. As a small business, signing on with a Managed Services Provider means you no longer have to worry about hiring, equipment purchase, backup and disaster recovery, etc.

Predictable Budgeting

Any businessman is concerned about future costs and expenses. Managed IT services are predictable in nature, and the business owner knows how much he has to pay to the managed services provider. Fixed IT cost removes budget uncertainty and allows companies to keep IT costs in check.


Opting for managed services can save you a lot of money with avoidable costs. Hiring managed services will ensure that the business has a highly skilled team. The word “Team” cannot be emphasized enough in IT. The businessman does not have to incur extra costs for training purposes. These services also allow the business owner to avoid dealing with IT staffing issues and focus solely on business growth.


Medium or Small businesses need flexibility in their operations. If there is an IT project or implementation that is failing to meet expectations, the business owner should have the ability to discontinue them. Managed IT Services provide the business with complete freedom to continue or terminate an initiative if the value does not match the cost. With in-house IT, the cost is already sunk, and you are stuck.

Organizations have become more acquainted with managed services and are turning to them for the management of  IT functions. Typical services include email hosting, customer relationship management applications, storage, backup and disaster recovery, and network monitoring. With the growing trend of managed services, startups, small/medium businesses should not tie down their valuable capital in trying to establish their IT department. They can and should make use of these managed services.

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