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How Your Phone Can Leave You Vulnerable to Cybersecurity Threats

A recent study found that only about 16% of small businesses have a mobility policy in place, but almost everyone uses their personal phone at work. Protecting mobile devices is often neglected in the workplace, and hackers have taken notice. Mobile devices now account for more than 60 percent of digital fraud. From phishing attacks to stolen passwords, it’s time to start protecting yourself from these attacks.

There are 4 main types of Mobile Security Threats:

Application Security Threats

These happen when someone accidentally downloads an app that steals their private information. Typically these apps look legit so it can be hard to identify. Be cautious when you download any banking app, that you choose an authentic one. And if you see services/apps that typically cost money suddenly become free, that could be a sign of a malicious app.

Web-Based Security Threats

These threats tend to go unnoticed, and automatically download malicious content when someone goes onto an affected site. Using antivirus software like Norton Security or McAfee can help target and alert you of potentially harmful threats. Pay extra attention to the URL of any suspicious link sent to you through email, social media, or text.

Network Security Threats

These common but risky threats happen when people use public WiFi networks. Be wary of connecting to a network that doesn’t require a password. If you must, use a secure VPN and do not log in to any of the private apps that require you to enter your username and password (i.e. banking or social media). 

Physical Threats

Physical threats, commonly from loss or theft of a device, give hackers direct access to your hardware and private data. Always keep your device locked with an uncommon password (PLEASE do not use “password” or “1234”) and use two-factor authentication whenever available.

How Do I Protect Myself?

No one is completely immune to cyberattacks, but having an MSP that’s able to identify them quickly is crucial. In a world where cyberattacks are constantly advancing and expanding, our security must keep up with that growth. If you want to start implementing a mobile device policy within your business, email us at [email protected] to get started.

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