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Make Your Accounts Secure With MFA

Multi-factor Authentication AKA Two-Factor Authentication AKA Authentication Token. What is it? MFA is a layer of security that requires 2 or more ways to verify your login to an account. You usually have just your username and password to get into an account. MFA is going to be the next layer that can be something you have, something you know, or something you are.  

This comes in handy for those who tend to repeat certain strings of passwords. 

A few examples of the different types would be:

  1. Text message/Smartphone (something you have)  
  1. PIN (something you know)  
  1. Fingerprint/Face Recognition (something you are)  

Imagine if someone stole your Google password. This person now can get into your email, YouTube, and any other account you may have attached to Google. With MFA, all of those accounts are protected. Hackers can try all day to get in with your password but without that 2nd method of authentication, they’re not getting in. 

To learn more about MFA, watch our Systemverse Short: https://youtu.be/5FmLY3i77rk

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