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Software Systems | Data Management

Systemverse provides a diverse range of software implementation and application development services. We specialize in system integration, data management, and legacy system migration.

Service Categories

Evaluate | Packaged Software

Systemverse brings an unbiased perspective to software package implementation projects. We do not recommend or sell solutions based on specific partnerships or reseller arrangements with solution providers.

When considering packaged solutions, we locate the best-fit application based upon comprehensive requirements definition. Then, we determine the extent and complexity of customizations that are required to meet our client’s specific business needs.

Build | Custom Applications

In some cases, package applications that fit the business need do not exist. In other circumstances, the amount of required customization may produce an unwieldy or cost-ineffective solution.

Systemverse can define, scope, build, and deploy customized application as an alternative to the package solution option. We view the “buy or build” choice as best determined by an informed and knowledgeable client.

Integrate | IT Systems

Integration projects begin with the requirement to link existing applications, legacy systems, and/or disparate end-user platforms. By nature, these projects are specific to the business circumstance.

Systemverse integration teams locate then analyze the gaps between systems and their connections to data and end users. We then develop the integration architectures that enable linkages at both the user-access and data-sharing layers.

Combine | Data Sources

Data Management projects are delivered through the steps of ETL (extract, transform, load). Through this process, disparate sources of data elements, records, and siloed databases can be relocated into a single repository.

Systemverse matches ETL with the capability to provide a cloud or server infrastructure designed specifically to meet end-user access needs. We also implement custom-design business intelligence and data analytics systems.

Project Examples