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5 Reason’s Why Your SMB Needs an IT Team

Having strong cybersecurity for your business has become a necessity in today’s world. It’s no longer a luxury reserved for larger corporations, but standard practice for businesses of any size. Technology advances quickly and it’s nearly impossible to take care of your business needs AND IT needs. Free yourself from the stress and risk that comes with this level of multitasking and look into outsourcing your IT.


Hiring in-house IT is typically not feasible for small businesses due to their lack of funds and square footage. Not only would you need to purchase extra office space for your IT team, but you’d also need a place to put your expensive monitoring and data backup equipment (which you would now have to own yourself). 

Most business owners aren’t aware that there are affordable outsourced IT companies, like us, who don’t charge per hour. We offer a flat, monthly rate that can work within your budget. Our services cover everything you need, and we never charge you for what you don’t, so you can piece together the perfect package for your business. 


When you outsource your IT, you get a full team (instead of having just one or two people) of highly trained technicians that can help you with all things IT-related. They are knowledgeable about every device/operating system and are capable of offering unbiased opinions on what upgrades and/or purchases are necessary. 

Increased Productivity

On average, employees lose 28 minutes per IT-related issue and have about two issues per week. This accounts for more than 50 hours per year of wasted time. The smart choice is to hire a team of reliable and responsive technicians to handle these annoying, mundane issues and give you back your time.

They can also show you shortcuts and cheaper alternatives to systems you are already using, and advise you on the latest technology that could increase your production tenfold.

Enhanced Security

It’s not sustainable or practical to rely on your employees as the last line of defense for your business. Researchers from Stanford University and a top cybersecurity organization found that approximately 88 percent of all data breaches are caused by an employee mistake. Frequent, consistent, and engaging cybersecurity training have been proven to decrease the number of errors caused by employees.

At Systemverse, we provide a Company Policy and Cybersecurity Management System that provides interactive training to your employees, to help combat these potential human errors.

Keep Everyone Happy

Enhanced security, productivity, knowledge, and savings all contribute to a happier work environment. Work culture is so important within an office for the retention and longevity of employees. And when your team is happy, your clients are much happier too!

The Time is Now

It’s pretty difficult in 2022 to have a business that doesn’t use the internet or technology in some capacity. But most businesses realize they needed to invest in cybersecurity AFTER something catastrophic happens, like a company-wide server crash or data breach. However, it’s already too late at this point. The damage is done and will most likely be very costly and time-consuming to recover everything. 

Working with Systemverse will help alleviate the pressure put on you and your team so you can focus on the business. Email us at [email protected] to start building your custom package today!

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