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Client Testimonial – Zilker Botanical Garden

Communication is the most important aspect of any team. Without it, the environment becomes messy, unproductive, and overall frustrating. There are two main communication processes that Systemverse incorporates into our clients' businesses: Call Flow and Microsoft Teams. 

Call Flow 

“Call Flow” is an easily customizable system that allows for the proper delegation to channels via auto-attendants and call queues. This ensures that each call goes to the person or group it was intended for. Through VoIP, these calls can be made/answered on your computer, cell phone, desk phone, etc. You can also customize your availability by setting specific hours when you will be “at work” to avoid calls at inappropriate times. 

At Systemverse, our desk phones are always free. Our clients only pay for the monthly service. We cover the cost because we see how essential they are for a smooth, stress-free environment.  

Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams is an excellent tool for team collaboration and communication. You can create schedules, conduct virtual conferences, send individual/group messages, share your files, coordinate calendars, and so much more! One of the best features that Teams have for collaboration is the project planning app. This is used to create projects, tag the appropriate people for that project, and track their progress until it’s completed. 

Microsoft Teams integrates with hundreds of useful apps including Adobe, Asana, and other Microsoft applications making it the perfect tool for any team. 

Client Testimonial 

Curt Finch (the CEO of Journyx, a time and attendance tracking software company here in Austin, TX) is on the board of Zilker Botanical Garden Conservancy. ZBG is a non-profit organization situated on 28 acres of sprawling topography in the heart of downtown Austin, TX. Curt was gracious enough to sit down with us to discuss how Systemverse has personally helped ZBG with their IT & productivity.  

One of his favorite things about Systemverse was how simple we made their phone systems. They saved a ton of time with auto-attendants directing calls to the appropriate places. Curt also pointed out that while he did have knowledge of IT, he couldn’t manage his company and fix everyone’s devices at the same time. Outsourcing their IT gave him his time back. 


Our mission at Systemverse is to help other small businesses by fine-tuning their communication and collaboration to increase their productivity exponentially. Since ZBG is a non-profit, its budget is tighter than the average company's. We were still able to offer them our affordable services without compromising on quality. If you would like to learn more about Systemverse IT services, email us at [email protected]

Watch the testimonial here: Client Testimonial - Zilker Botanical Garden - YouTube

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