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Social Media: The Next Big Threat To Online Security

Everybody is on social media nowadays. You, yourself probably even have more than one account—almost anything you do, you probably post it somewhere, whether that’s to your private Facebook or LinkedIn profile, or your business’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter account. Most people now have more than one account for their individual use, and another few pages dedicated to their business. It’s such a normal part of society in this day and age to put your profile out online, nobody thinks twice about putting all their information up for everybody to see.

Because it’s become such a normal part of everyday life, I’ll bet you haven’t thought about the potential risks that come with putting all your information out there. Often without realizing it, we’re revealing our daily routines when we post online—when we leave the house, where we get coffee, and even when we pack up and leave work for the day.

If someone wanted to, they could figure out your every move from what you post online. Publicly or privately, it’s still a danger to you and your business to have everything out there for the world to see—because if someone wants to see your page, there’s always a way to hack into it or trick you into letting them view it, and then they can use that to track what you do.

This ebook explores the ways that cybercriminals exploit social media and rely on social engineering to negatively impact you and your business. It will examine how criminals gain access to your pages, both legally and illegally, and how they use the information they find there against you. It will also teach you how best to protect yourself while still using social media to promote your business.

To download this free ebook, visit: Social Media Threat eBook (systemverse.com)

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