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The 22 Best Apps of 2022


Google Maps - Provides information about the location, directions, and alternative routes. Saves me a lot of time while driving!

MS Office - When I’m on the go, I need to review emails and documents without opening my PC. The app allows for easy, virtual work!


Yahoo Sports - Best. Sports. App. Ever! Sporting news, alerts on teams, and athletes that I follow all in one place. Plus, it’s great for creating my March Madness brackets. What else is there to say? 

Wi-Fi Analyzer - Great app for testing Wi-Fi signal strength in specific areas and figuring out the least congested Wi-Fi channel to use.


GasBuddy - This app comes in handy when looking for a specific gas station. I'm particular about what stations I fill up at; this app makes it easy to filter out which brands are nearest. GasBuddy also helps you find the cheapest gas which is always a plus.

Keeper/LastPass - Passwords are just too much of a hassle to remember when you have hundreds of accounts. This app helps me create secure passwords and verifies my identity with MFA. And the autofill password feature makes my life so much easier.

TikTok - By now, everyone has heard of TikTok. TikTok is a social media app for short video creation. I’ve accidentally scrolled for hours it’s so entertaining!


Libby - As long as you have a library card, you can join Libby! Libby has millions of free ebooks and audiobooks available to borrow. This makes my work commute a little better!

Goodreads - Goodreads is an excellent app for readers! I use it to keep track of books I’ve read, review them for others to see, and can add books to my personal “To Be Read” List.

Google Calendar - I’m an extremely organized person who’s always on the go! This app allows me to quickly add appointments, parties, etc. so I never forget what I’ve said yes to. Plus, I share it with my husband which makes our lives a whole lot easier.


Coach Tuner - Guitar Tuner app for musicians by musicians for fast, accurate, and effortless tuning.

State Farm Drive Safe & Save - Record your driving habits and review your trips on interactive maps featuring safety alerts and recommendations. The better you drive, the more discounts you get!


Spotify - I use Spotify to listen to all my favorite music and podcasts! StarTalk w/ Neil deGrasse Tyson is a great podcast if you enjoy Science, pop culture & comedy.

Crunchy Roll - One of the best platforms to watch your favorite shows and movies. Best enjoyed during the cold winter weather while drinking hot cocoa and snuggling with your pets!

YouTube - YouTube is one of the most diverse apps in terms of content. You can find recommendations, advice, music, travel vlogs, etc. I’ve been able to fix up my car just by watching in-depth tutorials.


Twitch - Twitch is an app used to watch gamers live stream. I enjoy watching my favorite creators that play some of the same games that I do.

Dropbox - This app allows me to easily share files with friends and has cloud storage that is accessible and manageable from anywhere in the world.

Tinder - This one is kind of a joke BUT I met my wife on Tinder so it will always hold a special place in my heart!


My H-E-B - If you are an avid HEB shopper, I recommend this app because it makes shopping a breeze. You can choose the store you want to go to, order the available products, and pick them up at your preferred time.

Discord - This is a reliable communication app similar to Slack where you can voice/video call, text message, or private chat with your Discord friends. You can specifically configure certain chat groups to create a community of people.


Waze - This is a real-time navigation app that allows for collaborative reporting. I love that others can alert you of hazards or cops so you can avoid tickets.

Reddit - Reddit is a repository for technical information and discussion. I appreciate the community, advice, and of course, the memes.

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