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What Are The Downfalls of BYOD?

BYOD has slowly gained traction over the years (especially for small businesses) as employers saw a way to save money, and their employees loved the convenience of using their own devices. Once COVID hit, the popularity increased exponentially as businesses were forced to work from home. As we transition back (and forth?) it poses the question; do we continue using our personal tech, or switch back to the company’s devices?

Lack of uniformity

Uniformity amongst peers is important. If half of the office is using Mac and the other Windows, it can lead to decreased productivity and increased frustration. Some employees are left at a disadvantage if they lack a few of the updated apps and features that their coworkers have. Additionally, some employees may not want to spend money to upgrade their devices and are therefore unable to download the necessary software for collaboration.

Compromised Data Security

Being exposed and vulnerable to hackers is easier than you think. Whether they choose to work at their favorite coffee shop, the office, or at home, they might not be taking the necessary steps to be safe on their own device. And transporting it between increases their chances of having someone physically steal their devices. Installing VPNs and two-factor authentication are great ways to curb theft, but they aren’t perfect.

Difficult Data Retrieval

Anytime an employee gets fired or quits, retrieving the data they have personally stored on their computer can be extremely difficult to get back. Especially if the relationship ended suddenly or on bad terms. It’s always a good idea to have a strict policy in place stating that every employee must save files to a shared drive.

Employee Privacy

Using your own device at work can cause a sense of paranoia; that your employers are watching your every move. Especially if you use your computer for online banking, private social media accounts, etc. Carrying your computer around and connecting to unfamiliar networks can leave you at greater risk of having that information visible to others.

Increased Distraction

Having access to all of your personal games, texting, or other apps while you are trying to work can decrease your overall productivity and performance. On company-owned devices, you can change settings to block these distracting applications.

Employees Work More

Did you know, “Companies gain an extra 240 hours of work per year from employees due to mobile working. This is the equivalent of $5,114 of extra work per employee. Or about six additional working weeks.” - Tech Jury. This may seem like a positive to business owners, but it can cause burnout and resentment from employees. If they are always reachable then they can never truly relax at home.

Is BYOD A Good Option For Me?

BYOD can be a great option, especially for small businesses and startups that want to cut down on costs. But to successfully utilize this option, you must enforce a strict policy in place that’s clear to employees, created by a strong team of Managed IT service providers. If you’re not sure where to start, email [email protected] so we can start building you a custom BYOD policy today!

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